prostate cancer conversations

prostate cancer conversations

prostate cancer conversations


I will never forget the moment when the consultant said to me “I’m sorry to have to tell you Mr Colegrove, you have prostate cancer”. My fiancée squeezed my hand as we wondered about our future.

The consultant then offered me two alternative treatments; a radical prostatectomy (surgery) or brachytherapy (a form of radiotherapy) both of which he told me carry a 40% risk of some distressing side effects namely impotence and/or incontinence. I was in my 50’s and about to get married. For me, young and active describes men in their fifties, sixties, and seventies! Eighties is middle age and nineties is when you finally hit old age. That’s my attitude; I was horrified at the risk of the distressing side effects I was facing. However, I avoided them…

I had proton beam therapy, a treatment which is rarely offered as a treatment option by healthcare professionals in the UK, largely because of a lack of understanding and availability, but one that I feel passionately should be.

I am currently undertaking a national speaking tour where I speak of my personal experience and the challenges I faced in order to avoid the hideous side-effects that are often associated with conventional treatments for prostate cancer.

I’m more than happy to speak to newly diagnosed men, and those supporting them, to help them navigate the often bewildering system and treatment options.

Get Tested - Get Talking - Get Treated

One in eight of us will get prostate cancer.

Thankfully, awareness of getting tested is growing rapidly. So, there should be a corresponding increase in the survival rates with improved diagnosis before the cancer goes metastatic (spreads).

This Men are Talking initiative is to get men opening up about the things we don’t talk about. I feel compelled to share my journey and my experiences in the hope that it may help others.

It was terrifying to learn that the conventional treatments for prostate cancer carry a very high risk of traumatic and hideous side effects – we need to be having frank conversations about things that scare us, such as impotence and incontinence, to name two. But there are options…

We've teamed up with the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust to ensure PSA tests are available to those who would benefit from one.