My purpose

Helping the newly diagnosed (and those supporting them) to become streetwise about this scary ‘man cancer’ thing and the treatments that will get their lives back on track.

This initiative came solely from my cancer experience:- My surprise at a symptomless diagnosis.

My fear of the dreadful side effects associated with the ‘usual’ therapies for prostate cancer.

My luck at stumbling across the treatment I had.

The purpose of the Men are Talking initiative is to help newly-diagnosed prostate cancer sufferers to understand the system they have now entered. I particularly wish to target ‘young’ prostate cancer patients – my understanding of ‘young men’ is those in their 50s, 60s and 70s who enjoy an active life. This differentiates Men are Talking from other support groups and challenges the (unacceptable) notion that prostate cancer is an ‘old man’s disease’.

Any scared, angry man diagnosed with prostate cancer needs to know that there may be an alternative choice for his treatment path, which in all likelihood will not be brought to his attention by a consultant/oncologist.

About me...

I’m Timon Colegrove, a semi-retired entrepreneur dubbed a creative relentless improver, but if you can get over that then my energy and my outsider’s opinion and observations can be helpful.

In my independent role at Men are Talking I am a cancer survivor and an ex-patient with no clinical knowledge, which gives me a considerable advantage when speaking/ corresponding about prostate cancer and Proton Beam Treatment – I speak from my own experience and learnings in my journey from diagnosis to cancer-free.

I have spoken for some ten years nationally and internationally to groups and conferences on my pet subject ‘Purposeful Brand Culture’. I’m determined not to be boring! I have sat through too many tedious presentations myself. Happily, my talks seem to go down well – see the attached ‘accolades’ on my CV.

It appears that my ability to engage on a 1–1 basis, forming a good rapport with the newly-diagnosed, is effective. I have enthused those I speak to with my passion for Proton Beam Therapy – a treatment which in all likelyhood, you won’t be told about by your urologist or oncologist.

What’s happened so far?

  • A dozen 1-1s with newly-diagnosed – normally involve email dialogue/telephone and meet-ups.
  • A succession of Radio interviews, TV and podcasts. Local radio/Men’s radio.
  • Seven talks delivered to Rotary Clubs and Prostate Cancer Support Groups.
  • I had a myriad of talks lined up, which have been postponed due to Covid.
  • I have delivered a Men are Talking presentation to 60 viewers on Zoom
  • Magazine interviews and preparation of articles (Prostate Matters article has brought in at least two patients)
  • I have re-arranged Zoom presentation with Rustington Prostate Cancer Support Group.
  • The Men are Talking Facebook Group has been launched – membership currently circa 150 

Is it worth the effort?

In my opinion yes. Even whilst Men are Talking is in its infancy, I am aware of its impact on a good number of individuals. I seem to be corresponding on Men are Talking issues on a daily basis, either via email or phone.